Farms of life


For you, our life rafts
You people who are reading this for the first time, you really have to listen, otherwise you too will fall into the hole.
We are hiring
We are recruiting activators. These are the people, women or men, who take charge of the creation of the community and the farm. {Youtube}
L'autonomie pour la future civilisation consiste en deux choses : Se passer de tout ce que la civilisation actuelle produit Produire ce dont les
L'autonomie pour la future civilisation consiste en deux choses : Se passer de tout ce que la civilisation actuelle produit Produire ce dont les
Resilience is the quality that defines the ability of a system to withstand attacks. For the farms of life, resilience will have to face the
Our relationship with the present civilization. The organization of the firm after collapse
The community
Build a community in a new civilization ... Abandoned everything that rotted our lives, but also produce everything that is essential to the
The fields
The search for land is an action that requires a united and voluntary community. This is the first major difficulty that must be overcome.
The method of building a farm.

The objectives are simple.

To allow humans to live happily during this period of slow collapse which ejects the main benefits of civilization from more and more people. Allow as many humans as possible to survive the brutal collapse and live as happily as possible.

To live happily, you must:

Drink and cook with clean water, wash with clean water.
Eat healthy and normal amounts
Maintain good health and be treated at all levels of intervention, from the light care of a nurse to the most advanced surgery.
Educate children, adolescents and adults.
Maintain a high level of research in all sciences which do not lead to energy madness or incompatible with nature.
Maintain a high level of cultural activity, by exploiting past works and allowing the creation of new spaces which will quickly replace the void left by the death of all forms of dissemination of these works (computer, television, cinema, telephone laptop, tablet).
Protect humans from the excruciating dramas they will face from now on and maintain a pleasant and joyful life.

The construction of a new civilization.

This construction is based on people and only on them.

No political, economic, programmatic decision, of whatever level, is capable of changing our destiny. And this destiny, the one programmed by this civilization, is to disappear.

This new civilization will be built by humans living in entities compatible with the requirements of nature, whose functioning only very slightly affects nature, and which will allow humans to find a life satisfying basic needs.

Interaction with current civilization.

We need time to prepare for living in the next civilization. And during this time, devoted to building farms, humans must be able to live and work. They must not only continue to serve this civilization to obtain everything that allows them to exist, but in addition, they must devote a little time and effort to building the future.

Even if, like many, we find many criticizable things in the functioning of our world, it seems important to us not to add too much to the current difficulties and we advocate peace and tranquility.

All revolts, all revolutions end up harming the weakest among us.

The association "The farms of life" does not wish to ask for assistance or a policy since the risks of compromise and recovery are very important and we will not be able, in the current state of our world, to bring us any help effective. We will simply mix with the mayors of our local communities because they are in direct contact with the population.

Building a farm rests on one person.

It is this person who will, by his decision, save the lives of five hundred people, and even more, taking into account the training phenomenon that this constitutes.

Besides natural kindness, no other quality is essential. Each woman, each man is full of faults and qualities and this civilization has formatted us to be largely the opposite of what we should be.

We will therefore have to learn, all together, to behave with more attentiveness to others, and submit to, yes submit to, laws that are those of nature.

Humans have played sorcerer's apprentices, taming nature to serve it. Nature is willing to do so provided that we do not change the fragile balances that have formed over time. We have destroyed these balances and the consequences will be staggering.

So this person, you, not very adapted to this project, will ask people, no more adapted than you to the new civilization, to constitute a community so that everyone advances in the same direction. Needless to say, it won't be a long, quiet river.

This is why we have drawn a path, and why we can justify each decision that we have written in stone.

This is why we advocate a particular attitude to this person, you, to move the community forward. In your community, you will inevitably find individuals who have another understanding, other interpretations, and who will explain to you with many arguments, that they have a shorter, easier way and that is how it is. What to do. You must smile at them.
The path we have traced is a guide, and yourselves are a guide. You don't impose anything. What you are asking for is just knocked on the corner of common sense taking into account this new world we are entering.

You have no authority to force you to follow this path. So the people who follow you will do it, either because they trust you, or because they have done the same analysis. And this is the learning of freedom. Learn to trust or think before you act. Despite appearances, this is something new for the majority of people.

But you are not alone. About forty other people, trained like you, will help you, each in a particular area or areas, to move the community forward.
A farm, and then another, and many others

Of course, we would like to save as many people as possible. But it is not the only reason.

The main reason is that a single farm will not save itself. That is to say, an isolated farm, or even a few farms together, cannot survive. A large number of farms are needed.

It takes a lot of diverse skills to produce all that is necessary to give children a future and make them live happily. And the number of his skills is much greater than the number of farmers on a farm, and even in an area which is a collection of forty farms. Just look at the number of skills it takes to make a linen shawl. You are not out of the woods.

The association "the farms of life" also serves, as this civilization still functions, to coordinate the particular actions of each farm in a whole which must be homogeneous. The market nor the authorities no longer fulfilling this function, it is the role of the association assisted by each of the main activators.

Many things will circulate between the farms: objects and products of course, but also knowledge.

We are going to discover new climatic conditions, new behaviors of the elements of nature around us, and it will be necessary to adapt very quickly and not to make mistakes, because then they will be paid cache. A chance that appears must be able to be exploited by the maximum of farms.

What a farm brings over time

A farm triggers happiness around it as soon as the land can be worked. The chicken coop will allow children to discover talents and a love of animals. Eggs will change the daily lives of people most excluded from the benefits of this civilization. Later the chickens, later still the first vegetables, at the beginning, very chickish but which in the first spring will explode on the plates.

This is how to make a farm. It is both to immediately bring well-being to those who need it most and at the same time to build the means to resist during the great upheaval and to live happily and serenely afterwards.

Farms will quickly bring another perception of life and greatly change the character and behavior of humans.

For example, humans will learn to abandon what they call the law of the jungle and which has nothing to do with what is really going on in the jungle. The law of the jungle is mutual aid and not violence which is often gratuitous or for chimeras like money and power.

Of course, before you reach a stable state, you will have to go through a lot of drama and sometimes violence. But it is at this price that we can control our destiny in the face of a very hostile nature.

Characteristics of a farm

A community of 500 people. For communities near large cities, divide the source of the farmers for 300 people living near the farm and for 200 people, coming from the city center.

Inside the farms of life:

No politics
No religion
No discrimination
A plot of one hectare of agricultural land located as close as possible to the dwellings and including the possibility of reliable taming of water (well, source, etc.)
Four years of development before reaching optimal performance.

The three central elements of the farm.
The community
A community is the image of an average portion of the population. There are young children, adolescents, adults, the elderly and the non-autonomous.

All of these people have very different needs and bring very different things to the community.

Like today, children are sacred. As they live at the sight of each member of the community, each adult must be very attentive and above all attentive. Children need to learn and impart knowledge to them is a duty.

The community is autonomous. All problems must be resolved within the community. Movement between communities is difficult due to the lack of transportation. Going from one farm to another is highly codified and often requires cross transfers.
Before the collapse, the right to property is a fundamental right, after the collapse the right to property will be largely supplanted by the right to live. And this right will be analyzed by the farms, which will therefore have authority over their area of ​​life. This will have a lot of influence on the forest and on homes. Indeed, it is likely that a large part of the population will not join a lasting solution. Two to three months after the collapse, most, if not almost all, of this population will have disappeared. Very many homes will be available and will allow many farmers to move closer to their new place of life.

It should also be understood that the current houses are not very adapted to the new conditions which will quickly prevail. Lack of electricity, running water, sewage, trash, telephone, extreme temperatures in the heat but still cold in winter, severe storms testing the mechanical resistance of openings and roofs, etc.

The new town planning will be born slowly by building houses in earth / straw, much more thermally stable, hygrometric and phonically, very resistant to fire and of a very long lifespan. If the availability of straw is no problem as long as this civilization exists, in the future it will not be the same.


Of an area of ​​one hectare, of agricultural land.
It must contain:
A fence made by planting trees, if possible fruit trees, with fast and dense growth like fig trees.
A wastewater treatment system comprising:
A sand filter at the entrance
A 10 m3 tank called decantation
A carbon filter
A 30 m3 settling tank
A carbon filter
A drinking water tank of 20 m3
A farmyard with hens and rooster, chicken, rabbits and ducks.
A 1000 m2 gardening area including permaculture mounds implanted in brick or wooden boxes made of planks or trunks. This technique makes it possible to produce many vegetables, much more than traditional market gardening techniques, most of the time avoiding watering, very greatly reducing the amount of work, and allows to have strong vegetables, naturally resistant to attackers and diseases.
A walling area of ​​excrement and litter of 40 m2.
At least four dry toilets, one of which is reserved for people consuming antibiotics and endocrine disruptors.
An orchard of 7000 m2 planted with approximately 1000 fruit trees and which will make it possible to grow several layers of vegetables and fruits: potatoes at the foot of the trees, peas and beans along the trunks, as well as raspberries, blackcurrants,…
As soon as the regulations allow, implement:
Two bread ovens and a high efficiency heater.
A 200 m2 kitchen made of straw earth
And it will remain to establish a large meeting room that can hold 500 people, an infirmary with ten beds, a room for humans to comfortably carry out their toilet, wood workshops, iron, pottery, etc ...
Storage of drinking water of at least 200 m3 and sometimes more in the event of prolonged drought
Stony paths
And many very simple systems for raising drinking water so that it is delivered by gravity, systems for purifying water by ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, systems for preserving vegetables , fruit and meat in very large quantities,…

The required time

It takes four years for all the elements of the farm to achieve a symbiosis for harmonious development.

These four years will also be devoted to improving the behavior of humans, to make them forget the formatting carried out by current civilization, and to acquire the sense of responsibility necessary for the new freedom.

This time will also be spent doing important work in preparing humans to withstand the dreadful tragedies they will all face at the end of the period of slow collapse and for two or three months after the brutal collapse.

Characteristics of life on the farm:

We forget all that current civilization produces, all objects, all means.
We build everything that is necessary for human life only with our hands.
We carry knowledge, all knowledge, into the future civilization, that is to say in written form.
Resilience is built in the face of attacks. We must therefore identify all the possible attacks on the farm, and build the best possible displays.
There are two types of attacks:
Attacks on the physical: the chaotic climate, lethal temperatures, drought or floods, physical attacks, ...
The problems linked to the dreadful dramas that each farmer will have to face: the loss of family members, friends, and acquaintance. The loss of social and cultural landmarks.
Low energies
The only energy available will be wood. However, forests are not created to support large removals and will suffer greatly from climate change.
The use of open fires and low-efficiency stoves is completely prohibited.
The use of solar thermal energy is to be sought as far as the manufacture of concentration mirrors is possible with the least energy.
Low technologies
It will no longer be possible to use each device powered by electrical energy.
The use of complex construction apparatus requiring machining with electric machines will no longer be possible.
Farms, farmers and money

Except for a few crazy people who have not understood the play in which they are playing, money, gold bars and stocks are meaningless.

Today we see the looming moment when we will have our full credit card and even real tickets, but not enough food to buy. And there life will be difficult.

The rich will be those who will have food every day tomorrow. The poor will come to ask for a meal with a wheelbarrow full of gold bars.

While this civilization exists, a farm needs money to build itself. The association therefore receives annual contributions from each member. These contributions are € 30 per year for a single person and € 50 for a family. Following each subscription, one euro is retained to finance the association and another Euro to finance the group of facilitators. The rest, either € 28 or € 48, is allocated to the farm and managed by the main activator. The association does not exercise any rights over this part of the contributions but ensures that this money is used for the initial purpose which is to build a farm.

The community, when it is built seriously, can form an association and become independent by recovering its finances directly from a bank account that it manages. We do not want the farms to be directly self-sufficient, because the slightest indecency of a really crazy person could harm all of the other farms.

The farms of life will live three periods.

While this civilization exists.

This period is characterized by the fact that there is a lot of work to be done and that humans, at least, those who are still working, are very busy.

What to do during this period

The farm with its production of drinking water, food, care, education and joy.
Infrastructure on the farm, built of earth / straw.
Plant fruit trees as much as possible on the roadside for example.
Gather seeds that are not genetically modified.
Integrate the medical world by enabling it to obtain life solutions.
Prepare hospital farms.
Integrate the scientific world by conveying knowledge in a written and indexed way.
Prepare firm universities.
Prepare the research center farms.
Integrate technicians for the safety of dangerous products (chemicals, nuclear, etc.)
Protect written works because they will no longer be safe in buildings without air conditioning.
Arrange homes so that they remain habitable even after the collapse.
Integrate dependent people.
Prepare for the integration of people living in establishments such as retirement homes and EPHAD.
Prepare the breeding of large animals, especially horses and cows.
Start distributing farm specializations.
Work to prepare the harvest of essentials for life such as salt.
Prepare long distance transport and in particular relay farms.
Prepare the means of communication between farms.
Prepare the content of lessons at all levels.
Prepare for the practice of a new medicine, less medicated and more access to prevention.
Prepare the production of the containers.
Prepare the installation of biological and chemical analysis laboratories.
Prepare humans to cope with changes in the climate, especially lethal heat.
Prepare the production of toiletries.
Prepare the production of shoes and leather products.
Prepare the production of fabrics and clothes.
Prepare humans to resist dramas.
Prepare humans to build joy.
Prepare places to set up new farms for those who have not made the effort to think about their future and who will obviously decide very late.

And many others who are not listed here.

During the collapse

This period will last two to three months.

During this period, it will be necessary at the same time to continue the life of the farm and to ensure its external and internal security.

This is a period that will have had to be analyzed with great care during the preceding four years:

Analyze the means by which farmers who live far away get to the farm.
Analyze ways to guarantee farm safety
Analyze the means by which internal security is ensured.
Analyze the means by which we can orient the zombies, those who have nothing planned, nothing prepared and who find themselves very close to death.

After the collapse

The relationship of those who will end up on a farm, after having repaired the inevitable damage caused by the collapse, will begin to live serenely. They will have learned that you have to do, what is planned, that you have to wear a smile every time you meet someone, that you have to take care of children and even give them very little knowledge, '' we must take care of the elderly, different people, we must make life easier for those who make us laugh or cry at night, during a show or who amazes us with their artistic sensitivity, to help researchers and scientists to continue working in conditions which are very new to them.

There is no longer a government to hang, no boss, no chief, there is community and nature.

Nature is a very persuasive, and often very aggressive dictator. It will be necessary to bend the spine because nothing can oppose it. The community may sometimes have to make decisions that are not the result of an easy choice. Democracy will then be very easy to apply since a show of hands will validate the decision.

The main activator and the activators will obviously have to continue to communicate a lot with each other, while the distances will have become very great, because on foot to make 4 km, it takes at least an hour.

In conclusion
Life will change a lot. And this change is scary. When we no longer know how to make a decision, that all our choices are governed by regulations, laws, habits, you will have to decide to do something that does not exist anywhere, that has only been tried in pieces , which was never even imagined and which, to my knowledge, has never been presented publicly.

It is true that we are going to experience events that none of the almost eight billion inhabitants have lived and will only live once.

And the conditions that are made during the current collapse have never been fulfilled before. The civilizations of the Romans and the other civilizations died because of internal disturbances of the society, as for us. But in addition, we are subject to the avatars left by this civilization: the competent artificialized land unfit for plant growth, water everywhere polluted, biodiversity reduced to a touch of grief, and humans often unable to reason positively and think to their future.

It is therefore a real leap into the unknown even if a reflection and the possibility of confronting the reflections can reassure.

What we are convinced is that:

Either we accept a collective suicide linked to the collapse of civilization.
Either we prepare and there are great chances, provided we are numerous, to quickly forget almost everything that this civilization has taught us, to live happily, to achieve great things, to make our intelligence work like never before. .

Didier LAINARD president of the association "the farms of life"

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