Farms of life


For you, our life rafts
You people who are reading this for the first time, you really have to listen, otherwise you too will fall into the hole.
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We are recruiting activators. These are the people, women or men, who take charge of the creation of the community and the farm. {Youtube}
L'autonomie pour la future civilisation consiste en deux choses : Se passer de tout ce que la civilisation actuelle produit Produire ce dont les
L'autonomie pour la future civilisation consiste en deux choses : Se passer de tout ce que la civilisation actuelle produit Produire ce dont les
Resilience is the quality that defines the ability of a system to withstand attacks. For the farms of life, resilience will have to face the
Our relationship with the present civilization. The organization of the firm after collapse
The community
Build a community in a new civilization ... Abandoned everything that rotted our lives, but also produce everything that is essential to the
The fields
The search for land is an action that requires a united and voluntary community. This is the first major difficulty that must be overcome.

When I look at my society, my civilization, I can compare it to my bee colonies. Everything seems to move in a disorderly way and it is very difficult to find an orientation in all these movements.

After a week, I can see the purpose of my bees. Produce lots of babies, stock up on food, prepare a new swarm. And it’s been going on for 300 million years.

However, I find it hard to discern the goals of my civilization.

I see two big groups: the elites and the people.

The elites are making money and wanting to make more and more money, they have the power and they want more and more, even if they know it will kill them and civilization with them.

People are full of ideas that they sometimes put into practice. Some want to fire the government, others want to revolution, others want to demonstrate, others want civil disobedience, others want to move to Mars because it will probably be easier to live there than on our earth, still others want to make no noise…

It is strange that a majority of people do not see what is happening to us on the corner of the face. Because the signals are no longer little blinks of the eye, look around here, there are no more insects, look over there, there are no birds, look over here, glaciers are all quirky, look over there, it's getting hotter for longer and longer.

No, now there are blows on the head, here the obligation to take two months of vacation for everyone and in the middle of a semester, there companies that dismiss, there companies that file for bankruptcy, here the millions of additional unemployed, there, the debt which grows disproportionately.

When the collapsologists claim that our civilization is like a car launched downhill on the precipice and that it continues to accelerate, they perfectly express the reality.

So people should be aware of this and try to act. Do like bees, where ants, or termites: prepare for soon, for when this civilization will no longer have banks, so more water in the house, more gas and electricity, more food, for when the car of Pablo SERVIGNE in which we all took our place will have thrown us all in the hole.

People should do this quickly, it is urgent, because packing your bags for tomorrow is not done by snapping your fingers.

But no, people, you think everything is fine, today it will be 26 ° C and you will be able to finish your tan, you will be able to spend a long time chatting with your girlfriend ...

So people, soon you will wake up and it will be really too late, it is already very late. But rest assured, you will be so preoccupied with finding clean water and food that you will not even have any more tears for the children who will disappear, for your parents who will disappear, for your friends who will disappear. And it won't last too long, two months at most. What is two months compared to all the fun you are having now.

To think that the people who suffer today from the conditions produced by this civilization were going to wake up and take control of their destiny is a beautiful utopia. To think that people who still live in comfort were going to worry about the fate of the first is also a beautiful utopia.

Our world goes into the hole and we are conditioned to go into the hole.

But know all the same that there is an easy, pleasant, effective solution, which costs nothing, which is within the reach of the weakest among us. Know this because it is only this last idea and the regrets that you will have that will show that you were a piece of humanity.