Farms of life


For you, our life rafts
You people who are reading this for the first time, you really have to listen, otherwise you too will fall into the hole.
We are hiring
We are recruiting activators. These are the people, women or men, who take charge of the creation of the community and the farm. {Youtube}
L'autonomie pour la future civilisation consiste en deux choses : Se passer de tout ce que la civilisation actuelle produit Produire ce dont les
L'autonomie pour la future civilisation consiste en deux choses : Se passer de tout ce que la civilisation actuelle produit Produire ce dont les
Resilience is the quality that defines the ability of a system to withstand attacks. For the farms of life, resilience will have to face the
Our relationship with the present civilization. The organization of the firm after collapse
The community
Build a community in a new civilization ... Abandoned everything that rotted our lives, but also produce everything that is essential to the
The fields
The search for land is an action that requires a united and voluntary community. This is the first major difficulty that must be overcome.

The rules of procedure of the association "farms of life" defines the terms of application of the statutes and specifies its operation.

This regulation established by the Board of Animation is evolving according to the needs and difficulties encountered in the activities and development of the association.

It is subject to the advisory opinion at General Meetings.

It is adopted by a majority of the board of directors.

Associative year
The associative year is identical to the calendar year and is held from January 1st to December 31st.

The first period will run from the creation date to the end of the first full year.

The structures
Structures make it possible to organize the life of members in a world that has become chaotic and to cover all of man's basic needs such as water, food, health, culture, joy, etc.

The farm
The role of the farm is to assemble a work force, intelligence and knowledge at the service of a farm capable of supporting about 500 members. These members will come from 50 to 60% of the local and for the rest of the near urban areas.

The farm is the basic element of the survival structure of the inhabitants who are members of the "farms of life" association.

On one side we have 500 people who bring their ability to support the farm and the other 500 consumers. The capacities and the needs will be very different according to the individuals but that is what it is important to understand well and it is necessary that these inhabitants give up their frenzied individualism to live with altruism.

In the farm, decisions are made democratically. There is no hierarchy other than that of the skills to do a good job.

The whole system of the farm works on one level so as not to give way to profit or profit.

The basic human rule is altruism. The operating rule is direct democracy. This is not utopian, which is utopian is to think that humans will survive by pursuing the behaviors that brought them into the abyss.

The farm will live for two very different periods:

Before the collapse, members will be very little available because they must ensure the way of life in our civilization with all the constraints that relate to it. Those who will be able to work for the farm such as pensioners, the unemployed will receive food in return for their participation in the work. The machines will be at our disposal for all manual or intellectual work such as the organization of work.
After the collapse, the men will be completely available but the machines will not be able to bring their energy for the different jobs. This period is likely to be permanent unless there is a rebound that can not be final, whatever the corrections that men will make to their governance. The transport of persons and goods will be reduced to those permitted by muscular force.
Farms work in low technology and low energy even before the collapse of civilization so that members acquire the reflexes and technologies they can maintain and evolve.

It takes at least three years for a farm to become fully operational and this will not be possible easily enough until before the shock that will produce a collapse such as a new financial crisis.

The farm occupies at least one hectare in which one finds 1000m2 of permaculture mounds, 7000m2 of orchard to eat, shelters for the farm animals, workshops, places of leisures and cultures, places of storage, wind turbines as a source of energy for pumping water, etc.

It belongs to a "domain of life" which includes at least six farms, the service of 3000 members.

It is run by a "local lead activator member" assisted by an "activator group" of about thirty members: "activating members". Each of its "activating members" supports one or more particular skill areas.

The role of the farm is ultimately to provide everything 500 members need to live with a real pleasure, with a real quality of life. It is also to allow men to learn to live in a community with real human qualities.

The farm is included in its environment. She must find several inputs such as wood, wheat for cooking and baking, food for animals.

Collaboration with local traditional farmers will have to be deep. The currency having disappeared, the system will operate on a mode of exchange. Oil becoming a rare or non-existent commodity, these farmers will need labor to carry out their cultivation.

Large animals such as cows for milk, will be raised in collaboration with these traditional farmers.

The first three years, if they continue before the collapse, will be entirely devoted to learning this life which, without taking us back 60 years, will force us to reinvent a way of life.

The areas of life
It's a set of at least six farms. His roles are focused on the areas of expertise that farms need to perform.

Take the example of health.

Health is a set of skills that will have to live on farms but for which owners are rare and valuable. To the extent that the production of these skills can be transported from farm to farm, a farm will be able to focus on that particular skill.

There will be plenty of health issues that may be lack of medicine, lack of energy to run machines and labs, new viruses, etc.

The role of the "domains of life" is to distribute skills in the various farms that can partially compensate for the technologies that are lacking.

The example of drugs is relevant to understanding this phenomenon. Laboratories will no longer be able to manufacture drugs because of the lack of raw materials and energy, and those manufactured in China will no longer be able to come to us because of lack of transportation and distribution systems. To overcome this, at least partially, farms will be able to produce medicinal plants, which, well used, can make many services. So the cultivation of medicinal plants will be supported by a farm of a "field of life". The preparation of preparations may be supported by the same farm or another of the same field.

Presumably, only one farm will be dedicated to this particular production and the products resulting from this work will be transported to the other farms in the field for use. Here we speak of transport but the distances are compatible with a displacement to the strength of the muscles of humans or animals.

Indeed, there are many special skills that will have to be spread over the farms of a domain to be able to properly serve all the members of the domain.

It is possible, when the density of domains is sufficient, to organize the division of competences over several "domains of life".

"Domains of Life" are managed by a "master activator" assisted by a "group of activators".

Legal integration of areas of life
The "areas of life" may create an association to represent them legally, especially for contracts to dispose of land necessary for their implementation. But also to receive grants or donations.

This will not change the relationship with the "farms of life" association.

Higher level integrations
The domains will be integrated into higher level sets that may correspond to communities of agglomerations and then regions.

This will be necessary to manage the research problems for drugs, and in some cases, the manufacture of these drugs, for higher education.

To create these communities, the main activators will meet and appoint a community lead activator, and these can create a regional council.

The structures of the association "farms of life"
This is a crucial point for the proper functioning of farms. Few of the skills needed to build and operate farms currently exist. Moreover, the members of the farms will often come from urban areas and they have lost many habits and knowledge of our parents or grandparents.

So, during the first three years of the farm, before the collapse, everyone will have to acquire several types of knowledge to put them at the service of the group.

Groups have already been created on the mode of individual autonomy ("autonomy is the key of the future" on Facebook for example). They have already invented many solutions and solved many problems. As long as the internet exists, we will be able to establish very enriching connections.

Farms should also, if possible, establish links with them, in order to properly apply permaculture rules, to provide them with what they are lacking and which we might have.

The non-exhaustive list of skills is given as a document of the association "farms of life".

Relations with the outside.
Many relationships will have to be tied with the outside.

It is a type of relationship that is important to the founders of the association "farms of life". This is the relationship between farms and estates on the one hand and the inhabitants of the cities on the other.

In the case of a brutal collapse, such as that related to a financial crisis, people in cities will be in a critical situation typical of the scenarios described by scientists since the 1970s.

The lack of access to money and the inertia of the behaviors will make that quickly, the most basic materials will be able to miss: the water, the food, the heating, the means of moving, etc ...

And the worst part of all this is: where can we go, even on foot, to save our lives?

The solution would be: where there is what it takes to allow us to live.

And "farms of life" are precisely made for that.

There are many ways to get there

We are expected and received with open arms
We are not expected and "it will be necessary that they give me to eat." To eat maybe if the farms of the life can absorb the arrivals without putting in danger the adherents who worked to build this place of life But that's not enough to build a life.
So, thinking about establishing pre-collapse relationships with people who can not now build a sustainable solution seems important to us.

We want the "animation council" to take charge of this problem and formalize a framework for action.

The members:
Presentation of the different qualities of members:

Founding Member
He is one of the founding members of the "farms of life" association. They are members for life.

The founding members participate in all general meetings and have the same voting rights as other members.

If he asks for it:

He receives all information and exchanges circulating within the association.
He is invited to the meetings of the animation council and the general assemblies.
He is in direct contact with the animation council.
It can intervene in an advisory capacity and be proactive.
The list of founding members is held at the headquarters of the association and may be obtained by written request to the board of directors of the association "farms of life" 47 rue Jean JAURES, Ferriere en Brie 77164.

Member "Activators"
The activating members take care of developing the "farms" in the field.

The first member who makes the move is the "leading activator member" of a community of about 3000 inhabitants of a city or community of communes.

His role is therefore, by all means at his disposal, to convince a maximum of inhabitants to develop with him these farms. These inhabitants become members of the association.

The 30 members of the association chosen by the main activator form the "activating group" of the city or group of municipalities.

Six or more members of the "activator group" are proposed to become "local lead activator" and each create a farm for a group of about 500 members.

"Senior Activator Member"
The "lead activator member" is the creator and manager of a "living area".

Its main role is to identify in its region, inhabitants likely to take responsibilities in the creation of a "field of life" including several farms per 500 inhabitants.

He receives the help of the members of the association for all his actions of communication, of relations with the future members, with the local administrative organizations, with the farmers, etc ...

To become a "leading activator member" of the "Farms of Life" association:

He takes cognizance of the documents of the association that are "the statutes", "the organization and the rules of procedure" and "the ethical charter" and accepts them.
It must analyze and understand the causes and conditions of the collapse of our civilization (document "collapse").
It must understand the conditions that will be imposed on humans if this situation is not prepared and partly controlled (document "Living conditions during and after the collapse").
He is studying the permaculture rules set out in the document "Permaculture".
He is appointed by the office of the board of directors and joins the "group of animators" of the association.
He submits his position of "lead activator member" to the approval of his group every year on the anniversary date of his appointment.
He creates his "activator group" by naming the members of his community who accept and have the capacity. It is the main job of a "master activator member" to create this group and activate its operation by creating the farms of a domain.
He proposes to his group positions of "local main activator" and thus have the possibility to create farms in his field.
He must have very strong human qualities, qualities of communicator and organizer in agreement with the rules of permaculture.
For each farm, one of the activators becomes "local master activator". He is responsible for the development of a one-hectare farm created by and for about five hundred members.
He performs his function voluntarily.
"Local Activator Member"
The "local lead activator member" must communicate with the inhabitants of his neighborhood to convince them to join the "farms of life" association and participate in the creation of this space that will allow city dwellers to drink, to eat, to heal, to educate oneself, to realize oneself after the shock of collapse.

To become "Local Activator Member" of the "Farms of Life" association

He takes cognizance of the documents of the association that are "the statutes", "the organization and the rules of procedure" and "the ethical charter" and accepts them.
It must analyze and understand the causes and conditions of the collapse of our civilization (document "collapse").
It must understand the conditions that will be imposed on humans if this situation is not prepared and partly controlled (document "Living conditions during and after the collapse").
He is studying the permaculture rules set out in the document "Permaculture".
He is appointed by the board of directors and joins the "group of animators" of the association.
He submits his position as "lead activator member" to his group's approval each year on the anniversary date of his appointment.
He creates his "activator group" by naming the members of his community. It is the main job of a "local lead activator member" to create a group and activate its operation by creating a farm.
He must have very strong human qualities, qualities of communicator and organizer in agreement with the rules of permaculture.
He reports on the progress of his work to the main activator on which he depends.
He performs his function voluntarily.

Animating members
To become an "animator member", one must be a "local lead activator member" or "lead activator member" or present outstanding knowledge in the areas of competence necessary for the survival of the members of the association.

This knowledge will be transmitted to the "activating members" of the "domains of life" and to the "adherent members" so that the most effective solutions can be implemented in accordance with the rules and requirements of permaculture.

These areas of expertise cover a broad spectrum from tree growing, to health, from pig breeding to managing human effluents, from natural water treatment to vegetable conservation, etc.

"Animating members" who are not "activating members" are members and their families of a farm they choose.

They must :

Take note of the documents of the association that are "the statutes", "the organization and the internal regulations" and the "ethical charter" and accept them.
Analyze and understand the causes and conditions of the collapse of our civilization (document "collapse").
Understand the conditions that will be imposed on humans if this situation is not prepared and partly controlled (document "Living conditions during and after the collapse").
Study the permaculture rules outlined in the document "Permaculture".
They are appointed by the board of directors and join the "group of animators" of the association as "specialist animator".
Have very strong human qualities, qualities of communicator and organizer in agreement with the rules of permaculture.
Report on the progress of their work to the representative of the board of directors on which they depend.
He performs his function voluntarily.
Honorary Member
This quality may be proposed and offered by the animation committee to a natural or legal person, whose reputation, commitment, reputation or activities are recognized as being favorable to the values ​​and activities of the association. It is also offered by the founder to one or more people who have represented for him a fundamental support to the creation of this project.

Benefactor member
This quality can be proposed and offered by the animation committee to a person mobilizing material means, financial means or skills for the activities of the association.

 Active member
This quality is proposed by the animation committee to the following people:

Associations working for the development of permaculture, autonomy, resilience, etc ...
Companies or administrations that favor the establishment, construction and management of farms
Farmers, owners of forests, quarries, wild lands, beekeepers etc ... that allow farms to reasonably exploit nature in accordance with the rules of permaculture.
Sympathizing member
Supportive members support the association through their membership. They are invited to support the association by paying a donation, lending machines in the first phase of the farm's operation, providing logistical support to the association.


How will the members of the association be rewarded?
This will be determined at each level of the association. At the level of the Board of Directors to define a global policy and at the level of the domains and farms for the particular application of the rules.

Board of Directors:
Its composition is defined in the "statutes of the association".
Its role is to make decisions concerning the appointment of members of other councils, to manage members' accessions (acceptance or opposition, registration on the lists of the association's headquarters and at the farm office and its domain, communication, etc ...)

Animation Council:
Some members of the animation board are appointed simultaneously when they are named "lead activator member" and "local lead activator member".
Others are appointed by the "board of directors" when they present skills, knowledge, knowledge useful for the life of the members of the association.
Function & role
The animation council coordinates the association, it is charged by delegation of the general assembly of:

Implement guidelines decided during the general assembly
Preparing the General Assembly: dispatch of the convocations to the members, moral and financial balance, agenda of the day
To propose, in litigation, to go to court.
According to the evolution of the association and its needs, it proposes to the board of directors the modification of the statutes, the organization and rules of procedure, the charter, which it presents for validation at an ordinary general meeting or extraordinary.

Functioning of the animation council meetings
The "animation council" meets at least three times a year. The meetings can be done by video transmission over the internet during the first phase of the existence of the farms, that is to say before the shock of the collapse. In the second phase, these meetings will have a lot of difficulty getting organized and it will be necessary to work by mail.
The members of the association are asked to host the meetings of the animation council, in response to the desire of roaming association and swarming of "farms of life" in the territories
The "animators" members prepare an agenda and communicate it to the whole of the animation council, to any invited person (founding members, board of directors ...) and to any person who has requested it;
If a member "facilitator" can not move, he is invited by videoconference to join the meeting
The most important decisions, in particular those committing the policies of the association, are taken during the meetings of the animation council and proposed for validation to the board of directors.
All important decisions within the animation council are taken by consensus. If there is no consensus, it will apply the majority vote.
A statement of decisions is also put in place at the end of each validation, taking the time of the reformulation.
A summary of meetings is made available to members and posted on the blog
Between two meetings of the "animation council", telephone meetings are established to make progress points. During these telephone meetings, no major decision is made. In case of emergency, a telephone meeting is called.
Activators Council
The "Activators Council" is responsible for informing the progress and difficulties on a daily basis of the "lead activator member" and the "local lead activator member".

He thus assists in the "domain" and in each "farm" the "main activator member".
It is composed of activating members who have been appointed by the "lead activator member".
He defines his own way of management, of meeting and the form of his relations both with the "main activating member" and with the members.

For the life of the association, working groups are created by the "animation council"
All members are informed that they can fully participate, depending on their availability and skills.
The "working group" can solicit all members for consultation and / or validation of its work.
Whenever possible, each member who participates in a group, agrees to contribute during the duration of the project, or over a period of one year, if it is a recurring task.
The group has collaborative tools and a specific email address.
Each employee is trained in the necessary tools.
Each working group is co-ordinated by its referent, who is a member of the animation committee. As such, the referent informs about the progress of the work during the meetings of the animation council.
The host member can participate in as many "working groups" as he wishes and can only be the referent of a single group.
The "working group" is autonomous in its internal decision-making.
Each "working group" communicates the progress of its work to the "animation committee".
The members of the "animation council" link the working groups as needed.



The association is open to all. To become a member, the only obligation is to fill out the membership form, accessible from the internet home page of the "farms of life" association. Membership is validated by a confirmation email. Only founding members do not have this obligation.

Open rights
All members are entitled to appear in the directory of the association and to publicize their projects. The members will be able to choose to appear on the website of the association or not.

The right to vote at general meetings is granted to all members.

The members receive through the blog information about the life of the association and its network.

Value membership for the calendar year (beginning January 1, end December 31)

A membership made in November (2 months before the new calendar year) or December is valid for the following year.

Operation of ordinary and extraordinary general meetings
Terms of the meetings
The convocation to general meetings is sent to all the members of the association minimum fifteen days before by email, with its agenda.

Any vote taken at these general meetings must meet the following conditions:

All members present can take part in the vote
Voting is by show of hands except when it concerns one or more people where the vote will have to be made by ballot.
Decisions are taken by a majority of the members present or represented
A member may be represented by another member of the association, however, no one may represent more than two persons other than himself.
Conduct of the ordinary general meeting
Appointment of one or two secretaries for the drafting of the report
Presentation of the reports on the administrative management, on the moral situation and on the financial situation of the association, taking notes of appreciations and remarks.
Vote of the moral and financial report.
Presentation of the new members of the animation council.
Presentation of active members.
Presentation and validation of documents relating to the functioning of the association.
Discussions, proposals, roles of everyone on future actions.
Divers questions.
"Extraordinary general meeting" is competent for:
Modify the statutes
Decide on the dissolution of the association
Decide on the merger of the association with another organization or affiliation.
Disciplinary sanctions
Anyone using the name or image of the "farms of life" association in his activities should not associate him with a political or religious movement.

Only the "farms of life" association owns the logo and the name "farms of life". Consequently, it is the only one that can award or withdraw this national label to a natural or legal person.

Where applicable, the penalties are explained in article 6 of the statutes.

Terms of dispute
In case of dispute, the "animation council" contacts the person concerned by telephone.

If the telephone conversation is not conclusive, a writing will be sent to him with acknowledgment of receipt.

If within 60 days there has been no response or corrective action, a notice of default will be issued. This obliges the person concerned to act within a period of thirty days, otherwise the penalties specified in the statutes will be applied.

In the event of a dispute that is seriously prejudicial to the association "les farms de la vie", the "Conseil d'Animation" reserves the right to shorten the periods specified above.

Special Regulation
Establishment of a specific by-law for occasional and important events (festival, meetings) that these by-laws do not solve.

These rules will be drafted by the "Animation Council" and submitted for approval to the Board of Directors.

The documents of the association
The statuses,
Organization and internal regulations.
The ethical charter.
The special register (obligatory document).
Income statements and balance sheet of previous years.
All other documents related to the life of the association.
Accessibility of the documents of the association
Any document related to the life of the association may be requested from the board of directors.
On the website of the "farms of life" in free consultation: "the organization and rules of procedure", "The ethical charter", "permaculture", "collapse", "The conditions of life during and after the collapse.
Any modification of the documents ruling the association is notified to members by email.
 Responsibility of the association
The association "Farms of Life" has chosen the college mode, therefore all the members of the animation council are co-presidents and have the following responsibilities:

Elect a treasurer,
Ensure the proper functioning of the association,
Make sure to respect the civil code and the penal code
The commitments of the treasurer
Keep a transparent accounting.
Present to each animation board the maintenance of the accounts.
Present the cash balance and the income statement for the current financial year at each General Meeting.
Provide any necessary requests to the animation council.