Farms of life


For you, our life rafts
You people who are reading this for the first time, you really have to listen, otherwise you too will fall into the hole.
We are hiring
We are recruiting activators. These are the people, women or men, who take charge of the creation of the community and the farm. {Youtube}
L'autonomie pour la future civilisation consiste en deux choses : Se passer de tout ce que la civilisation actuelle produit Produire ce dont les
L'autonomie pour la future civilisation consiste en deux choses : Se passer de tout ce que la civilisation actuelle produit Produire ce dont les
Resilience is the quality that defines the ability of a system to withstand attacks. For the farms of life, resilience will have to face the
Our relationship with the present civilization. The organization of the firm after collapse
The community
Build a community in a new civilization ... Abandoned everything that rotted our lives, but also produce everything that is essential to the
The fields
The search for land is an action that requires a united and voluntary community. This is the first major difficulty that must be overcome.

The construction of farms. Chapter 2

VA: Hello Didier. We will continue our momentum?

DI: Hello Vanessa. We were at the beginning of building a farm. We have a lot We started fencing it, even though we only see very small pieces of wood. We can go to the bathroom.
First job now: make a table, big, and benches. It suits you ?

VFA: Yes, we should continue like this. But I wonder if we should not listen to Dominique who wants us to talk about life. Because there is the word life in the title of the association.

DI: Yes I know. I will not blame myself for jumping from cock to ass.

VA: On a farm, it's normal, right? So, I'm a farmer now, I'm going to live how when everything stopped and I would not have my phone anymore.

DI: Let's consider then that we are on October 20th, 2025. This morning, at 8:27 am, all the banks have closed their doors. Rather, they did not open them. You are still at work. And at noon, it's a little panic in your box. There are those who have almost no gas and are wondering if credit cards will continue to work. Like a flock of sparrows, which have become rare, everyone rushes to the gas pump.
Alas, the pumps do not deliver anything, because the credit cards do not pass.

VA: Are you sure it will work like this? Why banks would block our money.

DI: Since October 2019, the European Union has allowed banks to use deposit accounts in case of difficulties.

VA: Yes I know. From € 100,000 deposits. But me, I must stay at just € 30.

DI: That was before October 2019, After and until now, it's all.

VA: I doubt that.

DI: Yes, but I think you should forget about your € 30 and not make it an illness. The best thing is to go to the farm, park your car so that it does not interfere, and forget it too.
Now you are a real farmer.

VA: Fortunately with the farm I will be able to eat my hunger as well as my son and my boyfriend. I pity those who have not planned anything.

DI: It's not for lack of having announced them. In the coming month, we will not laugh too much.
Little by little, the farmers arrive. The bell announces the meeting of all present, except the security people. The warning light is on. From now on, nobody leaves the farm. And the people who come in must be perfectly identified.
Do you want us to propel ourselves in the future? So you'll see how you live on the farm?

VA: with Dominique, we thought you were going to show us joy, not sad and serious problems.

DI: Life is not always what you want. And here is still a fundamental moment. You have not fully seen it yet, but we have just lost everything that has been your life for 30 years. I do not grow old? You will not live this another time.
Okay, are we going in October 2025?

VA: Yes, I doubt because you do not have a crystal ball.

DI: of course, but I'm sure I'm not mistaken much. So we go there.
You arrive on the avenue of the castle and there you are stopped by Roger. You park your car and you look at it. Old and slow, she has been walking you for 5 years. And there, you leave it definitively. This is the first death you face.
You arrive at the farm, there is a queue of about 50 people, because the identifications are minute. Finally you come in and you'll see the work schedule right away. It's not so much to see what you have to do but because you know you're going to meet the PA there.

VA: What is the AP?

DI: It's the main activator, the farm manager, so to speak. He has just been elected for a month, so he is a little tense, even if all procedures have been repeated dozens of times and everyone knows what he has to do.
Just you, it is the preparation of the meal for the people of the outside. And you have a job. But you want to know where your son is. You're getting bogged down because your son has been around for 10 years. You do not even ask for your friend, one of lost ...
So you walk to the workshop of the pluches, because you have a mountain of potatoes to peel.
You kiss the five people already at work. You know them well. It's been at least 3 years that you do the rain with them every other Saturday. Normally, they are very funny, but here, the atmosphere is a little tense. Not everyone has returned and anxiety begins to break through. Jeanine, who in the ear of the town hall, failing that of the PA, think that things are following their course normally and there is no need to worry.
With that, Patricia arrives with her face defeated. He misses 3 children. It is the head teacher of the school and the children have the absolute priority on the farm. And besides, she does not even know if people have gone to get them back. All security procedures are secret and the tasks are known only to those who are in charge. You take out your phone and you try to call your son, but you can throw it in the trash, the phone obviously, not your son. So you throw yourself on these poor potatoes. The chef comes to pick up 2 girls because today is a big meal. Nearly 500 people and some who have to picnic. They are in security post far around the farm.
At the main kitchen, you have to light a fire to heat the bread oven. But before, you have to split the logs in small pieces. Normally this job is done by a boy, but they are all affected. You valiantly catch the ax a little heavy for you and you start to cut the wood. In fact, it is quick, it only takes 5 or 6 large logs to heat both the oven and the big plate of the stove. This heating is a small wonder with a yield close to 95%, it can raise the oven to almost 200 °, and you must be careful after heating not to burn the bread before they are cooked.
It was Alice who prepared the buns as well as small fig pies for the kids and the gourmands. Alice was helped by her daughter, as beautiful as a 15-year-old, to pick figs. It is soaked because it has been more than 15 days it rains continuously and it is really cold. The heat of fire makes them crazy and she purrs with pleasure.
Finally, Arlette announces that the 3 kids expected by Patricia have arrived. And all of a sudden, all laugh heartily And Patricia who tumbled down crying all the tears of his body so the tension was strong. Moreover, we realize that it is joy that explodes after the incredible anxiety she suffered.

What looked like a straw has miraculously become a big room 30 by 12 meters after removing the boots judiciously placed inside, due to the fact that it is strictly forbidden to build without permission and that the authorization was impossible to obtain. But this civilization is dead. Now, another governance is starting that is close to people. And it's simple. The only decisions to be made relate to the farm or a particular subject. And the 430 adults on the farm vote each time.
For tonight, the tensions subside a little, because the wave of savage savages did not take place. But everyone knows that the coming days will be more risky.
A hundred people came to the farm to ask to integrate. They were intercepted by the guards and gathered in a long line about a kilometer from the entrance of the farm. We will feed them what you have prepared Vanessa. A mashed potato with a piece, not fat, chicken and figs for dessert.
The kids play in the big room while girls prepare their beds on a raised platform. A fire was lit in this great room and the temperature quickly rose around 20 °. Patricia's daughter, to calm the excited kids a bit, offers to play a cello song. We must quickly go to bed, because they fall asleep on the spot. It's not because of the cello, you have to reassure Margaux.
Some security guards off the farm are starting to arrive. They begin by drinking a large glass of cool water and washing themselves briefly. They have a hunger for wolves and they are tired, as much by the establishment of security as by nervous tension. It's you Vanessa who will feed them with Lucie. They do not speak, they usually so noisy. Their features are drawn and around them, it is a silence stained by the sound of chewing and cutlery that clash.
It is Cléa and Victoire who bring the dishes and fill their plates. They continue to arrive and are now twenty around the table. Thanks to her smile and her naughty jokes, Cléa managed to cheer up a whole group. The atmosphere relaxes a bit. The AP arrives to hear from its security teams. He is tense, worried, stressed and it is André who by a good word frees him of all his tensions. He makes him sit next to him and Victoire rushes with a bottle of wine to serve him generously. And she continues with the whole table. Smart, she understood that a little wine will allow them to sleep on their two ears and they need this rest to resume their activities tomorrow. But the bottles start to scroll. The nurse on duty arrives to eat a bite. Today, she only unpacked boxes and put away the tools and medicines that were prepared by a farm in the south of France. These are copies of the existing drugs because, from now on, specialized farms will have to produce the drugs for all the people on the farms. The nurse just had to heal a little knee in the knee of a boy who thought he could catch a hen running. Tomorrow may be a little different and everyone knows it.
The hungry arrive in successive groups and the men go to bed in the attic now well heated.
The night was calm and all slept well, tight like sardines but warm. For a month, all the members of the farm go to sleep there for obvious security reasons.
The next day allows to organize a few thousand people waiting for food from the farm. It is useless to explain to them that in life, one must know how to choose one's path and reflect.
The farms, as much for peace as for humanity, had anticipated an influx of people, but they are surprised by their number. So, the farm now requires, to feed these people sparingly, that they participate a little in the search for food and the preparation of their future life. Establishments of farms had been studied by the farm a long time ago and it is Dominique who is in charge of driving this herd of people lost on the grounds. On these lands, on the edge of the forest, fig trees had been planted and many fruits can be picked. It's hard to make them understand that you have to put them in a basket rather than eat them directly. Then those who are recalcitrant are sent to the forest to find chestnuts. It's less easy to eat raw

It must be understood that farms do not only have friends in this group informs people of all ages and all conditions. We try to extract the children from this fate that they did not choose, but we can not do it without integrating their parents and that's where the problems start.
We must be attentive to all the patent proselytes who, with great talent, build a sect in less than two. We must also exclude all those who have, often by rather ignoble acts, tried to prevent or even destroy our work. Their resentment is tenacious, but understandable, because it did not take much intelligence to realize that the balancing games of the economy and especially finance could not last all the time. They saw nothing, understood nothing, but were very effective in their wickedness.

VA: there you have resentment. It's not good.

DI: That's what makes me aware of all the drifts. We are not a cult. We are quiet people who want to live. We are only trying to ensure that we can give in the long term all that is necessary for a harmonious life for the members of the farm.
That is why outsiders, those who have no plans for the future, find themselves in great difficulty.
They do not see how they will be able to live and learn. This is a long process of months if not years.
That's what farm members learned in four years.

VA: if you could talk to us now about life a little later after the departure of the new civilization. And do not insist too much on the difficulties, I know there will be some. Thank you.

DI: All right, so let's say March 10, 2026. You get up around 7 o'clock in the morning. It's a little early for you compared to your old life. But now, we live like hens.

VA: You see, you start by telling me unpleasant things.

DI: But no, it's very nice, otherwise the hens too would sleep in. Around 8 am you wait for the passage of Pomponne, the Percheronne, who pulls his big cart to bring all the world to the farm. The cart is almost full. It remains to take Patricia and her daughters back painfully, the street leading to the farm. These girls will continue to their high school or faculty.
Patricia is expected by a bunch of happy kids.
The school has changed a bit. For sure, children are still learning to read, write and count, but at their own pace. They mostly learn about life in nature. They participate in many of the work that is done on and off the farm, even since the age of three. Children can be cared for from birth and Patricia and Céline are assisted by young people who prefer to take care of children rather than go to school. In any case, now, studies are all life.
There is no longer this difference that had become painful in the old civilization between people who know, who have learned but who tells a lot of nonsense and those who integrate immediately active life. There are no more noble and no less noble professions. The shoemaker is very helpful when the engineer or doctor needs a pair of shoes. And the doctor treats the shoemaker when he is ill-treated. The appreciation of humans is built rather on criteria of altruism, humanity, good sense, practical sense.
This morning, you're training to manage seeds and seedlings. It's a very big job. Even if a considerable effort had been made at the beginning of the creation of the farms, we still have seeds that have been artificially genetically modified. And to find out, you have to plant them. A whole hillock is dedicated to this work and it is as much surface that is not 

really productive. We will be the reference farm for the 43 farms in the area. You will also have to make sure that the seeds are correctly produced, stored, referenced with all the data of their production each year. You will be in contact with the referring farms in this technique from other areas. Sometimes you have to renew seed genetics by pairing them with seeds that have another story.
The farm begins to reach its cruising speed. Once a week, there is a show or concert in the main hall. Members of neighboring farms visit us on this occasion. This gives rise to meetings that can end late at night. But here, hush, it does not concern us! It is even on such an occasion that our perch has met a percheron who had a hard time seducing her but who succeeded and the belly of Pomponne carries a fruit that we hope vigorous.
We help outdoor farms to build but unfortunately this can not be done by snapping their fingers. It's a long process and apart from the fruits of the trees we planted, it only brings chestnuts, mushrooms and a little hunting. Stirring the earth is difficult and Dominique strongly encourages them, because of course, we will not be able to nourish and cure them without jeopardizing our own members. Many have not borne their precariousness and a number have assumed that elsewhere the grass was greener.
We have created a planning group that will work on climate change. Now that there is no more finance or economy in the sense we knew it in the previous civilization, only the climate is an obstacle to the life of nature and humans. The problem is to foresee the answers to foreseeable evolutions. We need to plant and grow thousands of trees. This work is planned by the estate but it is up to some farms to prepare the plans and our farm was chosen for this work. We have created an area of ​​one hectare taken on a field of intensive cultivation whose land is no longer a mechanical support. We brought some humus taken directly into the forest. It is Pomponne, our Percheronne, who helps us to transport dumpsters of dead humus and leaf and spread them on this uncultivated land.
To take something in the forest you have to really show off because, apart from children, the forest is our most precious asset. It gives us all the energy we need and cutting a tree has become a crime unless it is at the request or with the consent of the Forestry Commission.
Spring is going to be here soon. And with it the profusion of food and therefore a big job for all those who can work. I find that I spend more and more time talking with my friends André, Dominique and Ammar. Before that made me sad to see others working. Now, it must be admitted that the forces, the balance, are no longer there.

VA: You had to tell us happy things and you'll end up making me cry.

DI: life is made of joys and sorrows. We bear better when we are with friends, when the people we love and love live fully and build and build for those around them.
In the farm, there is a lot of joy, laughter and it seems to me back to the time of the creation of this idea farms of life. The windows in our living room overlooked the courtyard of a nursery school. When the children were on vacation, I felt like life was stopped.
In the farm, it's the same thing except that it's school every day and life never stops.

VA: Well, we will continue to the next issue.