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For you, our life rafts
You people who are reading this for the first time, you really have to listen, otherwise you too will fall into the hole.
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We are recruiting activators. These are the people, women or men, who take charge of the creation of the community and the farm. {Youtube}
L'autonomie pour la future civilisation consiste en deux choses : Se passer de tout ce que la civilisation actuelle produit Produire ce dont les
L'autonomie pour la future civilisation consiste en deux choses : Se passer de tout ce que la civilisation actuelle produit Produire ce dont les
Resilience is the quality that defines the ability of a system to withstand attacks. For the farms of life, resilience will have to face the
Our relationship with the present civilization. The organization of the firm after collapse
The community
Build a community in a new civilization ... Abandoned everything that rotted our lives, but also produce everything that is essential to the
The fields
The search for land is an action that requires a united and voluntary community. This is the first major difficulty that must be overcome.

More serious than the crisis of 1929!
· How to save your skin?
· How to save his life?
· How to save the lives of the weakest, especially children?
· How to give a future to the children and incidentally to the adults who accompany them?
Throughout these articles, past ones and those that come in every other day from now on, I'll try to explain it to you.

If you make the effort to read them, it is not at all sure that you fully understand them, because, taken individually, they don't make much sense.
If you have read enough, and thought about it, you will begin to see the path it takes to reach "how to give children a future ...".
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The problem is, when I have explained the essential things, you will understand, but it will be very late to do so.
Indeed, from October 2020, we will see disaster happen. Economists have predicted a worse crisis than that of 1929. -Appendix 1-
So, I'm afraid that things that are very easy to do now will be almost impossible to do in the chaos around.
Those who are hungry don't want to build what will give them food tomorrow, they want to eat now. And the level of thinking that is already not brilliant now is going to reach an unfathomable depth.
One of my dreams was to ensure that the curves given by the MIT simulations in 1972, within the framework of the Club of Rome, expressed in a book by Donella and Denis MAEDOWS and which show a drop in population of nearly 90% from 2020 can be conjured, and that the intelligence of men, the meaning of life, would allow them to react.
Unfortunately, our civilization has managed to destroy itself - see appendix 2-. I am completely insensitive to the theses of conspiracy. I think there is no need for a plot of any fancy authority, just let this civilization go. She has no more overall intelligence than mealworms. Which shows how our leaders, our leaders are blinded, or idiots. It is important not to say "beast" because animals are much more sensitive and intelligent than these people. I know, we shouldn't generalize, a friend reminded me recently, public figures express fears, but they don't have much more power than me, even when we drink a beer with Pablo SERVIGNE.
After the great upheaval, it must be recognized that apart from small groups of very weak survivors in such a hostile environment, it will be very late to build a new civilization that provides a comfortable future for those who survived.
But we have hope in our hearts, and trying to save a piece of humanity is our destiny.
So, we will continue to plow hearts and brains to try to spark sparks of reason, courage, action.
Building a future is not what many do, surely to raise awareness, more or less ecological gardens, or even ecovillages. It's a start, of course. It is not about building structures with a keen sense of communication, but very little baggage and awareness of the issues. We are at their disposal to provide them, free of charge, on a voluntary basis, all the knowledge they need to avoid leading too gullible people into dramatic dead ends.
Building a future means first of all embracing what makes a human in all these aspects, and bringing him what allows him to build this formidable fortress of knowledge, intelligence, sensitivity, heart and capacity for action. And intelligence isn't about aligning degrees or titles, it's about being in tune with the environment and events.

Everyone thinks about food, building gardens, getting organized in today's civilization. But to live tomorrow, we must not rely on this civilization, we must only use it to build what is needed for tomorrow, in the environment of tomorrow, when our universe will be completely different. And above all, we must not weaken this civilization, because it can snap in our fingers from one day to the next.
We must think from the conditions that will be made when nothing more of this civilization will exist, that it will have left us a lot of highly toxic, very dangerous waste, that the climate will have profoundly changed and will have become very aggressive, only humans will be on the lookout for even the smallest bit of food and that life for these people will only be worth what they can get from essential things or from pleasure.
And the first thing to change is the behavior of humans. It won't be done by snapping your fingers. We will have to lose reflexes, habits, ways of thinking, and we will have to learn new ones such as altruism, caring for others, autonomy, joy.
We believe it takes a minimum of four years to learn all of this. And this is done simply by rubbing shoulders with members of his community and working to build his farm.
We are not so pretentious that we think we have the truth and all the knowledge we need. On the contrary, we are extremely afraid of leading people into telling them mistakes.
We are sure that we have made the choices imposed by a human organization in an uncertain but very aggressive environment, in the service of these humans.
And we can justify all our choices: for example a community of five hundred people, a plot of one hectare, four years of maturation, the transport of knowledge to the future civilization, two nurses per farm, etc.
The farm is built from the first directives that we teach volunteers and then built by everyone's work, and the problems number in the hundreds of thousands.
Next time we will discuss the organization of the farm construction project.
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Annex 1:
It’s not me saying it, it’s the government. Why, in my opinion, this crisis will be more serious than that of 1929, because at that time, France and the other European countries were essentially agricultural and the farms produced food, not raw material for industry agrifood. Today, you can no longer find food in our countryside except for a few very rare fruits in season. Because the land and the water are destroyed. If the farmer does not spray the fertilizer, the land is barren. And it takes years for her to be generous again.

Annex 2: We cannot compare ourselves to collapsologists. Our raison d'être is quite different. We do not seek to spell out the reasons that lead to the collapse of our civilization. We have understood that this cataclysm is inevitable. We do not want to know the probable moment of its realization. What we want is to allow conscious and peaceful people to prepare. There four years to be ready. Never forget this. It is by no means certain that this civilization will give us four years of respite.