Farms of life


For you, our life rafts
You people who are reading this for the first time, you really have to listen, otherwise you too will fall into the hole.
We are hiring
We are recruiting activators. These are the people, women or men, who take charge of the creation of the community and the farm. {Youtube}
L'autonomie pour la future civilisation consiste en deux choses : Se passer de tout ce que la civilisation actuelle produit Produire ce dont les
L'autonomie pour la future civilisation consiste en deux choses : Se passer de tout ce que la civilisation actuelle produit Produire ce dont les
Resilience is the quality that defines the ability of a system to withstand attacks. For the farms of life, resilience will have to face the
Our relationship with the present civilization. The organization of the firm after collapse
The community
Build a community in a new civilization ... Abandoned everything that rotted our lives, but also produce everything that is essential to the
The fields
The search for land is an action that requires a united and voluntary community. This is the first major difficulty that must be overcome.

My France


Listen, the alarm is ringing, we must hurry
My France is that of the steeple of my village, in Charente, which rings the hours, masses, weddings and the dead. My France is those of these flowered meadows where I rolled to the great anger of my uncle who was thus losing a little hay for his cows. My France is that of the school of my village and of its old republican teacher who posted in the classroom for years the photos of the resistance members of the village, it is that of war games, there are never enough, children running in the countryside, jumping over streams and racing across gardens, chased by angry housewives. My France is high school and then university where I learned to play chess and tarots endless nights. My France, these are the companies that have entrusted me with a very small part of their destiny and that have allowed me to travel the world.
My France, I no longer recognize you.
Freedom, equality and brotherhood have disappeared in a catastrophic management of the accumulating crises. In my country, we nab the demonstrators, we kill ourselves, we tear our hands off and we kill the police. In my country, the poor are getting poorer and the rich are increasing their wealth immensely. In my country, Ma France, a drug is banned before knowing whether it could be effective, at the well-verified risk, of killing tens of thousands of people before their time. My France tolerates millions of poor people, thousands of homeless people, expels refugees from their very light tents in the middle of winter without planning a place to fall. In my France, if you steal food you are punished but if you steal billions, we negotiate with you. My France, my country, where indisputable scientists are contradicted by omniscient commentators, my country which takes decisions without taking life into account, which prefers to save the income of capitalists rather than the lives of children.
Because the kids are going to disappear, and the market won't take care of them, and our senior officials don't take care of them, and the executives of big companies are blissfully ignoring this, and our media don't care, too busy they are to protect their poor existence.
However, they too are going into the wall.
Our rulers, Europe, have decided to force my France to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 57% before 2030. This should satisfy environmentalists of all stripes. But it seems that this is not enough, in Germany, the head of government, Mrs MERKEL, was outvoted because environmentalists wanted a reduction of 65%. It is meant to be well-intentioned and certainly many of the biggest businessmen are figuring out how they are going to make billions.
It is a shame that this is being done at the expense of the lives of the poorest, the least poor and the middle class.
In fact what does that mean, 57% less GHGs: it roughly corresponds to doing nothing four days and four nights a week. Of course not to drive your car, not to cook, not to use hot water, to stop trucks on the roads, to stop all the machines that consume energy… And we do not compensate for the three remaining days.
This will not affect the climate until 2050. Simulations show that we will have an average temperature rise of the earth of 3 ° C in 2050 no matter what we do by then. Will humans still live to verify that this decision was the right one?
But how is it possible that we are being told a GDP growth of 4% in 2021 and 2022 and at the same time a decrease of 57% in 8 years in greenhouse gas emissions. Could it be possible for miracles to happen?
We're delivering some really bad news, but it's hard to believe that all will be well, that the drought will have no impact, that no business is going to file for bankruptcy, that enough jobs will be created for the unemployed to return. at work and that insects and therefore birds come back to us.
If our leaders had a minimum of conscience, before making a decision so serious for millions of people, they would have wondered about a solution to save some humanity. This solution exists, it is easy, pleasant, happy and above all reliable insofar as our land remains livable. But now, this solution does not bring in anything, there is no cash to be made. It's not like making vaccines.
Another solution is possible.
When you take the wrong route, you have to go back, it is safer.
Our solution is to prepare.

Build structures that allow five hundred people to become totally autonomous from the current civilization, in all aspects of life, to become resilient in relation to an angry nature, compared to humans who will not have liked to integrate these structures, compared to all the dangers that will leave us this civilization.
This will not interfere with the current civilization and, on the contrary, could bring him a lot of advantages:
• The stability of the social body, because the poor, the excluded of the company will prefer to remain in a structure that ensures the essential and the pleasant rather than go beating the pavement or worse. This currently represents more than 10 million people.
• Preserve the technical structures with knowledge of managing the great dangers left by this civilization such as chemical, tanker, nuclear reservoirs. For example by allowing teams of professionals and their family to live without having to run after a meal, a doctor, ...
• Preserve some of the technologies that would soften the transition such as energy production and its distribution to power the distribution of water, the power supply of hospitals ... at least for a while.
• Preserve forests that are already under evolution of climate and humans to abois could destroy quickly. And the forest is the key to water resources available for humans.
• perform preservation and reinforcement of groundwater. They are currently high, but they are less stable depending on the surface temperature and wild removals. They can be at the lowest end of July.
This solution allows volunteer humans to live and not to be too impacted by the end of the current civilization.
For that, it is necessary to come back to my France, that of the small municipalities, that of the truly human human relations, that of the song of the rooster and the hammer blows of the Marshal ferran on the anvil, that of the fraternity rather than individualism Forcené.
And of course, it will be very different from today. We will no longer have this debauchery of energy to heat us, wash us, feed us, have fun in front of our screens, transport to the other side of the world, when it is not on Mars.
We will not have one hundred liters of clean drinking water at our disposal, but rather thirty.
We will have to go back to a simple life, in agreement with the nature that will make us pay very expensive our wandering. We will have to resist the madness of humans, to their thirst for violence, power, power, which, it will not stop.
My France tomorrow will be that of wise humans, who will privilege tenderness, love, altruism, work well done, intelligence and confrontation soothed.
And it's not a prayer, it will be like that or France and the French will disappear.
My France tomorrow, will be that of the municipalities that existed before the last world war and that women and men will have to rebuild, not especially recreating this immense galimatias of parasites who claim to organize and lead our lives and which let us down as soon as 'They no longer need us to serve them.
Tomorrow, it will be necessary to build at all costs, because it is our life and the lives of young people who depend on them, these municipalities which, thanks to the removals of city dwellers, unable to live in cities, will find a human face.
You will find the roosters that sing in good morning, but as we will have no electricity to enlighten us, to get up with the day and go to bed at the same time as the hens.
In these municipalities, it will certainly feel a little manure, and we quickly get used to this smell because it is a true treasure that is carefully maintained there. Yes a treasure, ask a farmer how much money he has spent fertilizer from all kinds over the years while the manure spreads in the fields filled so well the same function without destroying the earth.
Tomorrow, wise humans will have to rebuild life in these municipalities, produce drinking water, food and canning, treat, teach, seek, learn, conceive, maintain life, delight beautiful, living in joy, S ' impose good mood.
Tomorrow, it will be necessary to fight the lethal heat, drought, viruses, wildband humans, animals that will no longer be regulated, dead land, polluted waters, despair, chemicals, plastics, oil, nuclear, military, abandoned by this civilization.
Tomorrow, it will be necessary to fight the desire for revenge, which is useless because nature and life will take care of punishing those who deserve it.

And don't think that just moving or living in a town in the countryside is enough to get you out of the woods. You have to take all aspects of your life head-on and work to build your future.
Tomorrow, your homes will become much more uncomfortable than a cave in the middle of nature, without water, without electricity, without heating, without air conditioning, without toilet, without means of cooking, with very uncertain insulation.
All this is easily mastered, on condition of creating a group in which each member takes charge of one or more aspects of life.
Tomorrow, permaculture will have to be strictly enforced. We must build autonomy and resilience in the face of a changing climate.
The road is long and difficult and that is why it must be started quickly.
We are out of time and it is already very late.
Current civilization will both help us by still allowing us to live and act, it will also constrain and even prohibit us by the application of its inhuman laws. And that won't bother her at all. She has no feeling.
Our mayors no longer have any power. They are totally bundled up by officials whom they recruit and appoint and who take power. Mayors need to find the means to act, because they care and take care of humans.
And if our rulers, those elected and those who serve them, are not able to understand, wise women and men will have to act intelligently and impose their choices. Our strength of conviction will be able to largely compensate for the violence which always costs us dearly.
My France is at war. And this war is killing thousands. Those of the Covid of course, but also and above all those who die from eating poorly, living poorly, being abandoned.
I call on wise, benevolent humans to come together in small groups, without discrimination, and to assert their choice not to endure, for themselves or for others, to die of hunger, disease, despair.
I call on wise humans to decide what is most important, the lives of your family, your friends, your neighbors or your political battles that never deal with the only real fight: that humans live.
Politicians can do nothing more. We don't have time to save this civilization, to decarbonize industry, is there still any left? transport and civilian life, to decrease in a controlled manner. We will be subjected to the pressure of the climate, the drought, the exponential increase in the prices of copper, iron, difficulty in extracting oil, melting ice and permafrost, fires, twenty million hectares in progress in Siberia, etc….
Each human must decide to integrate into a group, because, in order to “do”, we must be together, and in the long term, create communities of around five hundred people, without discrimination, or groups around five. hundred people to serve the larger municipalities.
People don't all have to live in the same area. They just need to see each other as much as possible while it is possible, while the revolution is not yet here, while this civilization still exists.
There is a lot of work to be done from your living room, workplace, or vacation spot.
Our association law of 1901, offers a small package of knowledge that you can use as you want, which is free, which will guide your first steps, which allows you to build a place of life, a place that builds life, a place that generates life.
Be careful, acquiring knowledge takes a little conviction, I should say passion, effort and a little time. But this knowledge is accessible to everyone, as long as one enjoys, at least a little, the company of other humans.
What we call a "farm of life" is a really small place, it's zone 1 in permaculture. It occupies a hectare of land even very damaged by intensive cultivation, it feeds five hundred people, looks after them, teaches, protects, and gives joy.

It will be surrounded by the dwellings of the farmers, those who were there at the start of the farm, and those who came after, who built their house in earth / straw, because this will be the only technique capable of bringing comfort. Farmers will have to be concerned with current homes that will hardly endure a week at over 40 ° C day and night. As soon as the organizations of the current civilization which control the constructions are in a state of death, it will be necessary to build, always in earth / straw, workshops on the ground of the farm for the kitchen, for the wood, the iron, for the water, basins, I dare not say “swimming pool”, so that the workers can relax, a performance hall because there will only be live shows,…
Above all, a "farm of life" makes it possible to build a future commensurate with the ambitions and capacities of each person, provided that they conform to life tomorrow.
Tomorrow we are going to change civilization, and it is we who are going to build it together, involving young people a lot, ignoring everything that is useless for a living.
The deadlines for action are very close, and don't break the current civilization, we still need it, but decide to build your future.
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