Farms of life


For you, our life rafts
You people who are reading this for the first time, you really have to listen, otherwise you too will fall into the hole.
We are hiring
We are recruiting activators. These are the people, women or men, who take charge of the creation of the community and the farm. {Youtube}
L'autonomie pour la future civilisation consiste en deux choses : Se passer de tout ce que la civilisation actuelle produit Produire ce dont les
L'autonomie pour la future civilisation consiste en deux choses : Se passer de tout ce que la civilisation actuelle produit Produire ce dont les
Resilience is the quality that defines the ability of a system to withstand attacks. For the farms of life, resilience will have to face the
Our relationship with the present civilization. The organization of the firm after collapse
The community
Build a community in a new civilization ... Abandoned everything that rotted our lives, but also produce everything that is essential to the
The fields
The search for land is an action that requires a united and voluntary community. This is the first major difficulty that must be overcome.

The creation of the domain
The first contact of a region with the association
Gather the activators
Elect the main activator
Gather activators for the farm
The creation of the farm
Elect the council of local activators
Elect the local lead activator
Define the land acquisition strategy
Define the modalities of intervention with the authorities
Define contacts with the animation board
Take charge of documentation for farm control
Farm management
Work management and assignment to members
Farm Accounting Management
Communication Management
Relationship management with other farms
Supply Management
Management of farm equipment
In-house training in gardening
Design and layout of the farm
Drawing of the orchard and choice of its architecture
Demolition work
Inland paths
Water management on the farm
Tank Management
Construction and management of a well
Construction and management of a wind turbine to raise water from the well
Filter management
Seed management for animal feed
Wood management for heating and cooking.
The garden
Gather the materials for the construction of the mounds
The soil study
Construction of mounds in permaculture
Maintenance of mounds
Planting and planting management
Crop management
Distribution and conservation of vegetables
The orchard
Orchard management training
Preparation of plants, grafts and followed by grafts
Realization of plantations
Sizes and monitoring of trees
Harvesting fruits
Distribution and conservation of fruits
Construction of workshops
Supply of materials (wood, straw and earth)
Realization of constructions.
Realization of a wood mass heating
Kitchen layout
Toilet and Composting Construction
Construction of dry toilets
Maintenance of dry toilets
Construction of office space, sales and organization of the farm
Supply of materials (wood and straw)
Realization of the construction.
Realization of a wood mass heating
Room layout
The health
Choice and production of plants and commodities
Center for Health Research
Preparation of antibiotics to continue current research
Preparation of health products
Drug production research
Management of drug production
Quality control of medicines
Drug Inventory Management
Distribution of drugs
Organization of health centers
Organization of emergency services
Specialty management
Births and childcare
The end of life
Funeral management
Seed quality
Search for quality, non-genetically modified seeds
Seed conservation
Seed distribution
The quality of animal strains
Construction of animal shelters
Breeding of different animals
Reproduction of different animals
Preparation of animals for cooking
Conservation of cooked animals
Animal performance analysis (chickens, ducks, rabbits
The quality of the trees

Compost treatment
Construction of the composting area
Construction of air injectors
Transport of CO2 to the greenhouse
The primary
The secondary
The superior
The kitchen
Kitchen layout
Development of the canning room
Layout of the bakery
Slaughterhouse development
Food preservation
Management of salt and spices
Restaurant management
Restaurant layout
Food Distribution Management for On-Site Meals
Management of the distribution of meals to take away
Management of distributed meals
The preservation of books, documents and records.
Training management
Music and singing
Painting, Sculpture
Theater, opera
Coffee-concert and humor
Etc ...
Entertainment management
Animal traction
The manufacture of leathers
The manufacture of carts and others
Selection and education of horses
Horse care and their food
The sport
Maintenance of fitness
Management of different sports of members
Body care and beauty
The jeweller's