Farms of life


For you, our life rafts
You people who are reading this for the first time, you really have to listen, otherwise you too will fall into the hole.
We are hiring
We are recruiting activators. These are the people, women or men, who take charge of the creation of the community and the farm. {Youtube}
L'autonomie pour la future civilisation consiste en deux choses : Se passer de tout ce que la civilisation actuelle produit Produire ce dont les
L'autonomie pour la future civilisation consiste en deux choses : Se passer de tout ce que la civilisation actuelle produit Produire ce dont les
Resilience is the quality that defines the ability of a system to withstand attacks. For the farms of life, resilience will have to face the
Our relationship with the present civilization. The organization of the firm after collapse
The community
Build a community in a new civilization ... Abandoned everything that rotted our lives, but also produce everything that is essential to the
The fields
The search for land is an action that requires a united and voluntary community. This is the first major difficulty that must be overcome.

Summary: it is necessary to build with the materials found on the spot, very isolate places of hot and fraoid, very easy to heat and consuming almost no energy.

Nobody lives full time on the farm except perhaps a goalkeeper.

The constructions will be made of land / straw.


Habitat like humans, will follow a very brutal and very strong evolution of its environment.

What is comfortable today will be more convivate than a cave in nature in a short time with regard to the life of a human.

It is therefore necessary to prepare to confront these difficulties so that they are not penalizing to live tomorrow.

This is one of the roles that is assigned to every farm of life.


The problems of current habitat

Without electricity

More lighting
More heating, even when it is gas or oil
More cooking means
More air conditioning. Without ventilation, most apartments will saturate into water.
More water within 3 days after
More water

More toilet
More bathroom
More water for cooking (even pasta and rice are no longer allowed)
No watering
More water to drink.

In case of heat dome, after 3 days, the heat become lethal in the house or the apartment. A little more respite in case of insulation from the outside. But it does not solve anything because the domes of heat last a little over ten days.

They become less and less pronounced, but still reach the -5 ° C in France. Heat the houses and apartments will become very difficult to the extent that the natural fuel is the wood will be very rare because of the decay of forests due to drought and heat.

Habitat tomorrow.
The only habitat that is allowed tomorrow is that in straw earth. This does not solve all the problems but already a lot of them.

This habitat is very isolated on the thermal plane, regulated in temperature by this insulation as well as by contact with the soil, regulated hygrometrically by the earth that covers the ripe, by the earth that covers the ground, even if there is so there are tomettes .

For the comfort of the human body, it is the most comfortable habitat without superabundant energy.

The CSTB (Scientific and Technical Building Center) that tests the techniques and produces the standards in the buildings, has measured that fire resistance is greater than all other modes of construction of the particular habitat.

Resistance to climate chaos
This resistance will be created by the construction techniques that will have deep in the soil the fasteners allowing the roof not to be lifted, associated with the pressure balancing system.

Water recovery
The houses are on one level and therefore spread over a large area that constitutes the rainwater sensor.

The distance with the farm.
Currently, live near the farm is great comfort. But this will only be exceptional.

Most people will quickly live at distances that are not compatible with transport that will quickly keep scarce, see completely forbidden for gasoline vehicles.

The only solution is to build its habitat in the immediate environment of the farm and thus reconstruct the municipalities of yesteryear.

The habitat project near the farm.

Or on the farm temporarily.

As soon as a contract for the provision of the land is signed, it is possible to apply for a building permit for the farmer's house, agricultural outbuildings, and a stable for farm animals, sheep, goats or other .

After two months the permit will be granted or refused.

Two possible solutions, one obey or one overrides. Obeying is easy.

To go beyond takes guts and a good dose of inner strength.

Building the habitats described above is very fast: The walls and the roof in one week, the interior plaster and the main fittings for two weeks. The workers are the farmers…. That we have to feed and sleep in tents. They take the opportunity to build their hotel ...

In less than a month, a house is habitable.

It is likely that the construction will be the subject of official findings of the official services and that a request for destruction will be requested from the administrative court. Normally given the obvious violation of current laws, in 3 or 4 years the court will decide that the house should be destroyed.

But maybe the tribunal won't exist long before that date.

This is a temporary solution, only a few people not having to live on the farm: a night nurse, four night guards.

The farmers live in zone two which is three to five hectares. This area will receive 130 houses to house the 500 farmers. Built in straw earth, each week sees the delivery of about twenty houses. Provided, of course, that we have planned everything in advance, as long as this civilization allows us to act.

The distance between the farm and the houses is only conditioned by the water problem. However, this distance must be able to be walked several times a day.

The cost of the elements of a house
There must be a cost as long as this civilization exists between 25,000 and 35,000 € for a house of 120m2. This includes straw, roof sheets (as thick as possible, therefore expensive), openings and lighting, and diesel for machines and plastic tanks of one cubic meter for water and diesel and payment of the client / architect….

When this civilization no longer exists, the problems become more complex. Wheat production will be limited to three to five hectares per farm, which is barely a house. Using flax may be more effective, but again it will take time, at least over a year.

If the people who have to build a house do not plan to do so, then it will become difficult.

The investment of € 35,000 will allow some to make a loan to the bank repayable over 20 years. This reimbursement should be fairly light ... But that should not be said too much.

The migration of farmers.
Farmers who live far away will be able to move, as soon as the security situation permits, to approach the farm. It will simply be necessary to provide for this displacement.

Habitats near the farm have just been released. The nearby inhabitants have cleaned up the place and since the right to property no longer exists, the right to life takes precedence. The farmers will gradually come and settle near their farm and start to carry out the planned activities there.
Habitats can be built in the form of earth / straw houses very quickly.

A temporal image
June 2022: presidential election

September / October 2022: First demonstration of farmers, truck drivers, the unemployed, ...

December 2022: violence becomes generalized due to the scarcity of food products.

March 2023: widespread food shortage. The collapse is here.

The same image but superimposed on the farms of life to see in what context the habitat lives
Now: September 2021, a commission in each farm takes care of the acquisition of the land or its right of use (rent).

Preparing your home: buying materials, getting a loan for it when possible, otherwise, building it on the farm by all the farmers. You have to understand that the key to the collapse is the closing of the banks. So the fortunes of the farmers will evaporate in a matter of hundredths of a second. It is better that this money be used to prepare for the future.
From now on to the next step, you have to prepare for the shock that is about to come.
June 2022: presidential election

This is the end of "whatever the cost". So the bankruptcy of around 150,000 companies in France, generally small. This will trigger the arrival of nearly a million more unemployed. How will the financial balances hold?
You have to work with all your might to create habitat, which is the second priority after food production (drinking water, vegetables, farmyard). At this moment we are no longer in the construction strategy



A farm must contain a relatively large kitchen with a large storage of canned food, a room for catering and entertainment, various workshops and reception.


Another video that shows a slightly different technique